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Are your tweets smart enough to win a gorgeous artwork, created exclusively for the 2011 Cannt festival?. Include #cannt in your tweets and find out.

19-24th June 2011

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Between the 19th and 24th June a group of like minded agencies are running a series of events for the Cannt festival in london

It's a way to thank those hard-working
folk in the creative communications industries who don't manage to bag a visit to the Cannes Lions.

As part of the festival there's a two-day live art project, which will see street artist and coder Finbarr Dac creating spectacular street art in Corbet Place, East London

You could win part of this exclusive artwork. Include the #cannt hashtag in your wittiest, smartest, most creative Cannt-related tweets to be in the running.

The Artist

Finbarr Dac creates art to keep himself happy, and if others like it then that's smashing too.

The most important option of his work is his own... but you're sure to have one when you see its creation live at Cannt.

Check Finbarr's on Flicker or Facebook

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